The Nature of Work and the Workplace


The Final Report from the CRE&FM Futures Forum, put out last year by Zurich Insurance

Group, identified several trends likely to affect the nature of work and the workplace of the future:

  • The workplace will continue a transition to being a social hub that is the physical manifestation of desired cultural and brand values, as well as a place of production.
  • "The office" will remain the primary place to develop and maintain collaborative relationships, but such offices will increasingly be used for meetings rather than as a collection of workspaces for individuals.
  • Knowledge-based businesses will be the ones that provide the autonomy and the enabling tools for workers to decide when, how and where their work is accomplished collectively and individually, on and off company premises.
  • Rather than the legacy approach to space based on role or function, businesses will increasingly consolidate workplace concepts around activities-based and or competencies-based work models.



Source: fmlink